Productivity – Hide purchases you didn't pay for

"My Pricy Orders" in Google Play store

Google Play is providing a nice list of Orders, however I couldn’t care less about Free books app installations as My Orders.This little script loads the whole list and then removes all “Free” items, leaving you only the pricy ones: Google Play: Remove free Orders. Read More ›

Productivity – Hide meals you'll never order

Just-Eat vegetarian food

Tired of the meat-driven world? Order your kind of food with a click.
I got bored of searching through Grilled Chicken Wings and Lamb Shish Kebab and so on when ordering from, so I came up with this script which removes all food containing known meat ingredients:Just-Eat: Go green. Read More ›

Development – Generic rules and examples

How to be effective at work?

Tips and tricks to be fast and effective in a software engineering job.
I was leaving a team at my job and when I was handing over my work to my replacement I wrote him some tips to be more effective. I apply a lot of these at work, and I feel that some of them should be used more. Read More ›

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