Hide purchases you didn't pay for

"My Pricy Orders" in Google Play store

Google Play is providing a nice list of Orders, however I couldn’t care less about Free books app installations as My Orders. This little script loads the whole list and then removes all “Free” items, leaving you only the pricy ones: Google Play: Remove free Orders. 1

var sort = true;

function clean() {
		.filter(function(i, x) {
			var price = $(x).find(".my-account-purchase-price").text().trim();
			return /Free|[^\d]+0([.,]?0*)$|^0[.,]?0*[^\d]+/.test(price);

function compareByPrice(a, b) {
	var aPrice = $(a).find('.my-account-purchase-price').text().replace(/[^0-9,.;]/g, "");
	var bPrice = $(b).find('.my-account-purchase-price').text().replace(/[^0-9,.;]/g, "");
	return bPrice - aPrice;

function check() {
	var more = $("#show-more-button:visible");
	if (more.length) {;
		window.scrollBy(0, 1000000);
		setTimeout(check, 3000);
	} else {
		if (sort) {
			console.debug("Done, sorting.");
			$(".my-account-list-table tbody").replaceWith(
		window.scrollTo(0, 0);

  1. A bookmarklet is a script that stays on the Bookmarks Bar waiting to be clicked to execute.
    To use a bookmarklet:

    1. Drag and drop the link to the Bookmarks Bar.
    2. Navigate to the page it’s designed to run on.
    3. Click it to execute.

    Bookmarklets tend to rot over time if the owner changes the website, please report to me if it’s broken. 

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