Development – a living document

Recommended reading

Inspiring content, see inside!
Collection of things I’ve read during the years, and I keep referring back to them. Read More ›

Development – How to use it to help you write clean, focused tests

Practical JFixture

Magic one-liner with powerful behaviour
Tests need data, let’s see how can we create them using JFixture. Read More ›

Development – Suprisingly simple steps in the right order

Import a GIT repository to an SVN repository's subfolder preserving history

with full reproducible example
I had an interview for which I created a GIT repo, but I wanted to import it into my personal monolyth SVN repo. Read More ›

Android Development – at it's worst

Color support for XML string resources in Android

I challenge you to find anything more inconsistent than this!
So you read somewhere that Android supports <font> tags to color string resources, when used with Resources#getText()? Well, yeah, except… Read More ›

Android Development – Spoiler alert: not available out of the box

Xalan Java Extensions on Android

A saga of finding out, that I can't use them without external dependencies.
I wanted to do a simple check to see whether Xalan’s extension functions are available. This would’ve helped speeding up an XML-to-CSV transformation a bit. Read More ›

Web Development – Cheat sheet for formatting tags

Formatting used in this blog

All-in-one visual medley of most formatting options I use in markdown on this website.
I created this blog more than half a year ago and a lot of convetion I tried to introduce was lost in memory. This document will help to remember what’s possible and how it will look like. Read More ›

Development – Quick walkthrough

How to do a PR?

Full process of how I go through a pull request for a GitHub fork.
Many times when you ask for a feature in a GitHub issue, you’re welcomed with: Can you create a PR please?… even if it’s a one-character typo. Here’s how I create a PR. Read More ›

Web Development – Make developing a website easier

Jekyll enhancements for development

Have you ever found that Jekyll or one of its components is lacking a feature?
Jekyll is nice if you like the defaults, but as soon as you start customizing you run into walls. Here are some tips to make it less painful. Read More ›

Android Development – Detailed walkthrough

Getting a full Thread Dump on Android

The Android operating system does a thread dump whenever it receives SIGQUIT signal. However you need an unlocked device to send that signal. Fear not, there’s a workaround to get the exact same thread dump with a little more effort on a production device with a debuggable application. Read More ›

Web Development – DRY principle in blogging

Prettified bookmarklet code on Blogger

I wanted to share bookmarklets without duplicating the code to display and the code in href.I also wanted that a bookmarklet name link can be dragged to the bookmarks bar and then just work.This post describes how I included prettified and easily copiable bookmarklet code to my Blogger blog. Read More ›

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