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My Website

Modern, fast and information-rich web experience.


The purpose of this website is to have a one-stop-shop for information about me and my projects in a structured way. This website is a long-waited upgrade from my old website that we hacked together at the beginning of University. I pretty much stopped maintaining it ~10 years ago. I’m planning to migrate content over to this new site. I’ve created many things that are useful for some, but they’re undiscoverable because there are no external links pointing to them.


In the beginning I just wanted to merge my Blogger blog to Jekyll, luckily I found a great base theme in Feeling Responsive with just enough to start me off. As I dug deeper and deeper into it, I found that it’s a really good platform for informational websites with static content. The best part is the versatile language support with Markdown for content, I can use HTML when needed, and I have the ability to script via Liquid and also the built-in GitHub pages hosting support is not negligible.



In this part of the site I’m listing all my working experience that is referenced in my CV.


Lists my projects that are available online for download and use. I try to write some meaningful description and screenshots for each product, for some this is the manual. I also include screenshots, because there’s no worse product description than text. A picture of it in action is a must in my opinion to see if I want to go through the labor of installing it.


Things I want to share with general public or reference from somewhere else.

While Jekyll doesn’t really have built-in support for tags and categories as a navigation aid, I managed to polyfill most of the needed code that allows for easy navigation around the posts. After all, this Internet thing started out with some really simple linked HTML pages.

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