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Summer was coming to London and my girlfriend has heard about UV/B benefits, so she wanted to know when the Sun is above 50° over the horizon to exploit the health benefits.


I spent two weekends on developing a quick prototype, one for the algorithm to calculate the Sun’s angle and one to create an Android widget around the algorithm.

Calculating the angle

I thought it was a simple calculation, but there’s really complex mathematics behind it. Luckily I found some good articles and a credible source to double check my calculations.

The App

I spend another two weeks to make it work on more Android devices and planned to publish it as my first ever Google Play store app together with Android Color Filters, both as a preparation for a bigger release of Magic Home Inventory.

There were quite a few challenges with home screen widgets and the publishing process. The biggest one was the layout: I want to display information based on the available size, but because of the architecture it’s not possible to know how big it’ll be. So in the end I left to the user to switch parts of the widget on/off.


Other than the initial “show when above 50°” I crammed a few more features into app that I wanted to have:

  • Tap to refresh/configure
  • Display altitude angle
  • Display part of the day
  • Set thresholds
  • Personalize to your needs
  • Beautiful widget backgrounds
  • Follows you wherever you are
  • Auto-updates every 30 minutes


Ever wanted to know at an easy glance when the sunset will be today or when will it get dark? You’re in the right place; you can easily set up a threshold to see when the sun will transition to a given angle range, here are a few examples:

  • sunrise and sunset (default)
  • start/end of twilights (presets)
  • UV/B benefits (preset)
  • Any custom angle

If you want more of these, just put more widgets, they are don’t occupy much home screen space.

Parts of the day

The widget will display the following part of the day, each with a corresponding background image:

  • sunrise, sunset at 0°: short period of time when the Sun transitions over the horizon
  • day-time, night: longer parts of the day when the Sun is farthest from the horizon
  • civil twilight, dawn/dusk at -6°: the sky is dull blue, lighting conditions are suitable for every-day activities, but there are no shadows
  • nautical twilight, dawn/dusk at -12°: the sky is very dark blue, some stars become visible, the horizon is still visible
  • astronomical twilight, dawn/dusk at -18°: the sky is already black, stars become apparently visible

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