Your Company?

I’m looking for a new opportunity. If the below fits what you need and your company, please see my CV and contact me.

I’m great at:

  • overseeing and contributing to large codebases and systems
  • solving complex problems with ingenious solutions
  • developing features, maintaining and improving them
  • helping/teaching/mentoring other developers to upskill their abilities
  • upgrading libraries, refactoring, modularizing code
  • optimizing, stabilizing builds

I’m looking for:

  • a platform/core/productivity/staff engineering role
    (Gradle, Android Studio, static analysis, build tools, etc.)
  • working with complex Gradle/Android builds/plugins/libraries
  • maintaining CI, UI tests, fixing flaky tests
  • a company that values its users and employees
    (having a dedicated team for the above is a good sign)

Technologies: Gradle, Android, Kotlin, GitHub Actions

Tools used: Git, IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio

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