OpenBet — Betfair

I was working for one of the world’s largest internet betting exchange, developing new features and bug fixes for their existing systems. During my time there I’ve quickly become the expert in an aspect of their reporting, developing multiple different solutions and collaborating with their teams. In the beginning I’ve been mostly working on these alone, but as time passed I started handing over tasks and managing others. I’ve been involved in several releases’ coordination. I took on the responsibility to improve the team’s productivity and make our lives easier by implementing some shared scripts to be used by everyone to help building code and make daily development more efficient. I was also mentoring new junior – senior level starters joining just a few months after me.

Technologies: TCL, IBM Informix DB, Bash, Java, SQL, HTML, and lots of proprietary stack

Tools used: Linux, Jira, Rally, Maven, Ant, and lots of proprietary software

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