EPAM — Expedia

I was working for one of the world’s largest international e-commerce travel agency. I was involved in several projects throughout the 3 years which included design, development and rollout of new features and high priority business requested work items. This consisted of work on various layers of a new SOA based system written in Java along with maintaining and extending the legacy system written in C++ and ASP.NET. For that new system, I was first involved in writing backend services, and then I moved up some layers and we created a new checkout path for bookings. I was working on both the server side data access and domain layers accessing backend services and databases, as well as the UI written in FreeMarker HTML templates and JQuery supported JavaScript. Also it was among my tasks to write compatible CSS according to designs for IE6-9, Firefoxes and Safari.

Regardless of being in Hungary almost all written and spoken communications were done in English between me and the customer and team members. There was 9 hour time zone difference between the two halves of the team resulting in special processes and issues we tackled successfully.

Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Spring, SOA, JUnit, EasyMock, XML, JAXB, FreeMarker, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SonicMQ (JMS), MSSQL, JDBC, WSDL, SFTP (J2SSH), CSV

Technologies for legacy systems: C, C++, IIS, Windows Services, HTX (a proprietary templating language for C++), .NET 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET

Tools used: Scrum, Waterfall, Eclipse, Perforce, RAID (bug tracking), Ant, Ivy, Cruise Control, Jenkins, Mingle, SQL Server Management Studio, Notepad++, Microsoft Outlook 2003–2010 and OWA, Visual Studio 2008–2010, various browsers (FF, Chrome, IE, Safari) and add-ons

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