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There are some good and fast image manipulation tools in Android, but the documentation is not enough. One has to know the math behind. I’m a visual mind and I like to see how something behaves once I change it. The problem is that calibrating Colors means changing the color and re-building and re-deploying the app on a device which takes a long time to do. So I decided to make an app where I can change the parameters to some methods and see the result immediately.



There’s no built-in way in Android to pick a color so I rolled my own based on a development sample app. I made it extremely extensible so it’s easy to create new types of swatches. I also looked up some color spaces and created swatches for those.


The built-in input methods take up too much spaces so I decided to try to implement my own on-screen Keyboard with actions specific to the screen. The biggest challenge was to be able to replace the user’s keyboard with the one that’s bundled into the app.


After Lollipop came out the Android libraries were updated and they added support for Palette. I decided to work it into the app because it’s similarly visual and the it fit right into the architecture.

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